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About me

Suhaimi Abdullah

My story

The presence of human element in its true form always exist in my work. I constantly try to push myself turning everyday ordinaries into something that speaks to the viewers, unguarded in their raw element. I would describe my work to be genuine, true and honest when I decide to freeze time.
I partake in stories that unfold before me through intuition. As a self taught photographer with no formal education in photography, I am still honing my craft till today. As the saying goes, your best image is not what you have taken today or yesterday, it is the one that you will take tomorrow.

As a GETTY Images stringer, I am accustomed to working within tight deadlines in a rapidly changing environment. Always striving to shoot something out of the ordinary, it is always a challenge to be on your toe at all times for that split second opportunity. Ideally, my images will speak for themselves and inspire viewers to think and discuss them. It is a matter of thinking creatively, of seeing the big picture.

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